Marketing Ideas for the Security Sector

The security sector plays an important role in our society. It has a duty to protect the safety of the public, it is a growing sector with plenty of opportunities for businesses looking to scale up this year. We work with a number of different businesses within this sector and wanted to share some of the key print and promotional items that can help elevate your business.

Whether you provide CCTV monitoring, mobile patrols, event security, or security guards, there are ways to boost brand awareness that can benefit every security business. With this in mind, we wanted to share our most popular marketing ideas for the security sector to help drive brand awareness.   

1. Branded Clothing

Uniforms plays a big part in the security sector, from keeping your team visible in the dark to using embroidery to highlight your brand to members of the public. Durable and high-quality, branded workwear is designed to keep your team safe while representing your business. Q Print can help bring a touch of professionalism to your workwear with a wide range of options, including branded high-vis vests, jackets, caps, and lanyards. 

2. Stickers

Window stickers are a simple but effective way of highlighting to passers-by that security professionals protect and patrol particular premises. These visuals let visitors know that they are in a monitored area and act as a deterrent for anti-social behaviour. Our window stickers can be printed on white or clear static-cling vinyl meaning they are designed to stay put but can also be removed and repositioned without leaving behind any stick residue.  They can be visible from inside or outside the window making them ideal for the security sector as well shop  and car windows. 

Domed stickers are made by printing onto vinyl then coating them with a scratch-proof polyurethane epoxy resin giving a dome-shaped finish. This results in a three-dimensional effect that makes the sticker stand out and catch the eye. The clear, domed layer helps to protect the design from scratches and fading, making them a durable solution for businesses in sectors such as security, which are often out in all weather conditions. The same process can also be used to make domed badges – a professional and long-lasting solution for highlighting your employees’ names and job title.

3. Insulated Water Bottles

The security sector runs 24/7, which means shift workers need to be hydrated on the go. Thanks to our branded insulated water bottles, you can keep your team hydrated with drinks at the right temperature, hot or cold. With a range of bottles to choose from, you will be able to find a colour that will harmonise with your brand. Add your logo, and you are onto a walking advertisement for your business. 

4. Signage

Security signs are a legal requirement for any area monitored by CCTV but they can also double up as effective advertising signage. This means you can market your business with branded signage while giving clients peace of mind. Our security signs are printed direct to substrate with UV inks and can be supplied with pre-drilled holes to make installation quick and simple. We can even laminate for extra protection and cut your boards to custom shapes to give your signage the edge over the competition.

In Summary

If you are in the security industry and looking to elevate your business and brand awareness, we can help. We provide a full range of printed items, branded clothing and signage solutions to support all budgets. Click HERE to book a no-obligation discovery call to find out more.  

Raina Joyce

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