A Guide to Outsourcing your Next Print Project

Whilst the world is forever increasing in it’s digital capabilities print still provides an impactful way to connect with our audiences and build brand authority. Many customers still want something tactile to remind them or your business and/or services. We work with businesses from a variety of sectors and sizes and they all need different printed items, they could include leaflets, business cards, promotional items or branded clothing, the list goes on.

We work with our clients in several different ways and one of those ways is to act as their virtual print specialist. We work with a selection of print houses, all with different specialisms, to ensure we provide our clients with the best solution for their marketing campaign briefs. Once seen as a cost-cutting exercise, outsourcing your next print project for businesses of all sizes is now a tried and tested route for growth. It allows businesses to use experts in their field, ensuring tasks can be completed more efficiently, enabling your teams to focus on doing what they do best.

In this month’s blog, we explore why outsourcing your next print project to a print specialist can be beneficial for your business. 

1. Saving you time

From sourcing print materials and designing artwork, to fine-tuning the print settings and delivery, the print process takes time. Print houses have the heavy machinery and smooth processes needed to create your print materials efficiently and with a fast turnaround. As your print specialist, we have a solid understanding of what is available in the market and which supplier is best for which job. This knowledge can save you time, so you don’t have to spend hours looking around online, asking for quotes. We take that stress away, ensuring your project is delivered on-time and on-budget, enabling you to focus on doing what you do best.

2. Cost Saving

Outsourcing your next print project can also help you to reduces costs in several ways. With a little planning, your print specialist can achieve economies of scale by buying in bulk. This is when the cost-per-unit bought goes down as your order increases. Bringing together orders for smaller items like branded clothing and business stationery means you can save money by buying more. By bringing multiple orders together we can also make savings on delivery costs. 

3. Lowering your carbon footprint

In the current climate, customers are becoming more aware of the individual brand’s approach to the environment, actively looking at their CSR policies. Many customers are voting with their wallets, supporting brands with strong eco-friendly credentials. In the print sector, this can be achieved in a number of ways, including: 

  • Sourcing paper from sustainably grown forests.
  • Using inks with fewer chemicals, making them easier to recycle. 
  • Using digital printing methods reduces the need to create printing plates and water consumption.
  • Using local print houses reduces the number of miles your printed items need to travel.
  • Use couriers who have greener delivery vehicles.

4. You are in safe hands

With one point of contact for all your printing needs, that knows your business inside and out, you can take the headache out of buying and managing your next print project, knowing you are in safe hands. The quality of your marketing materials directly reflects on your company. By tapping into print expertise, you free yourself from the constraints of standard printing and let your brand shine. Outsourcing your next print project to a print specialist means you know your marketing materials are going to be created to a high standard and adhere to your brand guidelines.

5. Access to the latest technology

Printing technology is continually evolving. When you outsource your print projects, you gain access to the latest industry knowledge and technology that is often not financially attainable by high street printers. This means your print materials will have a modern, professional look that sets you apart from the competition.

There are many advantages to working with a print specialist. If you would like to understand how we could save you money and help take the headache out of your next print project, please get in touch.

Raina Joyce

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