5 Great Print Ideas for the Construction Industry

We wanted to continue with one of our themes from last year where we focused on individual industry sectors and shared insider knowledge about the best way to drive brand awareness or connect with their audience. This month we are shedding light on print ideas for the construction industry. From durable and weatherproof tags to building site signage, we’re on hand with all the print essentials needed to bring brand awareness to your construction business.

1. Heras Fencing Banners

Heras fence banners are large, custom-printed banners that are attached to temporary fencing structures, most commonly used on construction sites. These banners are fantastic for hiding unsightly fences, keeping your construction site private and offering a canvas with plenty of footfall to showcase your brand. Plus, by keeping your banner design generic you can re-use them time and time again, making it a cost-effective way of raising brand awareness.

2. Signage

There are lots of different types of signage required on a construction site and in some cases is mandated by law to reduce the risk of injury and accidents to both workers and the public. It is important to get it right. We supply a wide range of durable signage options and with our sustainable hat on, many can be designed to last and be reused, including: 

  • Temporary signage: Corrugated fluted plastic sheets are ideal low-cost temporary signage for both indoor and outdoor use. These can be perfect for signposting designated first aid points, emergency equipment and the nearest fire exits on construction sites.
  • Permanent Signage: If you are looking for robust and permanent signage solutions, aluminium composite boards are a great choice. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this signage is strengthened with polyethylene plastic making it lightweight but durable. 
  • Magnetic signage: For builders, tradespeople, sub-contractors and businesses on the go, magnetic signs for cars or vans are a great way to bring awareness to your brand. These digitally printed magnetic signs can be removed as often as you like making them a fantastic temporary signage solution for businesses. With space for your logo, contact details and slogan, they are a no-brainer for business owners who spend a lot of time on the road.
  • Vinyl labels: Durable, weatherproof and made with strong adhesive, customisable vinyl labels are ideal for adding safety warnings to site machinery and storage containers. 

3. Tags

Safety is of paramount importance on a construction site and in many cases labelling is important. Q Print can help you bring safety to the workplace with fully customisable tags including size, style, colour and message.

  • Engraved Component Tags: are an effective way to correctly identify valves which are essential for maintenance and repairs. By conveying information about the valve, these hardwearing tags will help to ensure that the work of your maintenance teams is safer and more convenient. 
  • Gas Cylinder Usage Tags: These bright and easily identifiable tags are hung around the neck of a gas cylinder. The perforated, removable sections allows people to know at a glance whether the cylinder is full, in use or empty. 

4. Events

Events are a great way of connecting with potential new clients and partners. There are quite a few coming up over the next few months within the construction sector, including Build IT Live (in June), No Dig (01-03 Oct) and the Health and Safety show (also in October). We can help with all of your event or conference needs, but some popular choices are:

  • Exhibition Displays: Exhibiting at conferences and events can create a fantastic opportunity for finding new projects or help to build awareness of your services. The key to making them a success is to ensure you design impactful displays with eye-catching graphics, a clear brand message and promotional giveaways to draw in footfall.
  • Marketing Materials: Another essential part of the event toolkit is to help construction companies showcase their brand, client case studies and how they work. Printing professional and attractive brochures or leaflets will help to create a memorable impact.
  • Promotional Items: Often one of the first interactions potential clients may have with your business, are promotional giveaways and can work wonders for brand recognition, engagement and lead generation. Choosing promotional items which are useful for your audience will ensure they keep them and your brand remains front of mind. A couple of brandable promotional items that have worked well for some of our construction industry clients are branded tape measurers, architect pencils, thermal cups, torches or bottle openers.

With Q Print as your single point of contact to help things run smoothly, we can help you to design impactful creative, select the right print options and prepare for your next event. We work to ensure that all of our client projects are delivered on time and on budget.

5. Workwear

Workwear for the construction industry is not just about creating a consistent brand image as perhaps we would see in other sectors, such as hospitality for example. In the construction industry, there are often safety implications that needs to be considered, so workwear needs to be durable and adhere to safety standards.  We offer a wide range of workwear solutions from fleeces, hats, sweatshirts, polo shirts, caps and work jackets as well as hi-vis clothing.  All of our items are long-lasting and can also be customer-branded with your company logo.

In Summary

If you work in the construction industry and looking to prepare for your next event or set up signage for your next building project, the Q Print team are here to help. Get in touch to book a free discovery call so we can help you get started. 

Raina Joyce

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