Branded clothing ideas for your organisation

From branded aprons for your baristas to high vis vests for builders, we may be biased but to us, there’s nothing better than a swanky branded uniform for your business. Not only does it create a sense of unity within the team but it also displays a united front to those around them. After all, a smartly dressed business portrays a professional, reputable and recognisable brand to your audience. 

But branded clothing doesn’t stop there – it’s also a key player in promotional merchandise. We know the effects lockdown and the lack of exhibitions have had on many of our clients, so it’s been great to see the return of exhibition season this year. With exhibitions also comes the need for high quality branded promotional merchandise such as hats, bags and jumpers to be given away on the day. Play it right then these go on to be a walking advertisement for your business. 

Summer can be a busy time for many businesses, with this in mind we wanted to share our best branded clothing options below, to help you get ahead of the game this season:

Embroidered Clothing

Embroidered designs are long-lasting, hardwearing and colourful. The threads have a slight sheen and the stitched texture adds a premium feel to your branding. A cost-effective option for large or small orders, embroidery can be used on a wide range of clothes and fabrics.

How is it made?

Embroidery is the process of sewing a design straight onto a garment using different colours of thread. The artwork or logo to be embroidered is digitised which allows the machine to transfer the design from pixels to one made out of thread.

Screen Printed Bags and Garments

Great for printing on bags or t-shirts, screen printing is cost effective and provides a rich, vibrant finish which perfectly matches your brand colours or artwork. Thanks to the durability of the ink, the colours stay brighter for longer and it’s ideal for designs with blocks of colour. 

How is it made?

UV light is used to etch the design into special coated mesh screens. The ink is swept across the screen by a squeegee and prints the design onto the fabric. One colour is printed at a time, with a separate screen used for each colour required.

Direct to Garment Print

Suitable for detailed artwork which has shading or gradients, direct to garment print can produce even photo realistic artwork on small orders. No screens are needed, or lengthy preparation make it a quick and easy option for branding clothes. 

How is it made?

Water-based ink is injected straight into the fibres of the garment which means the texture of the printed area feels the same as the unprinted areas of the item.

Transfer Print

Ideal for small to medium print runs, transfer print allows full-colour artwork which features intricate detail or small-text to be transferred to garments. 

How is it made?

Transfer is the process of printing your designs onto a special, transferrable material.  


Don’t forget that it does take a little longer than you might think to prepare some of these give aways and branded clothing items, so do start your planning early.  With plenty of options to choose from, we’re confident that we have the right branded clothing for your team or branded merchandise. If you wish to read more around this topic, click here and of course if we can help with your next print project, get in touch to book a free discovery call. 

Raina Joyce

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