Five Print Ideas For Your External Events This Summer

I don’t know about you but I’ve had an influx of invites to events, weddings and celebrations (including Jubilee celebrations, of course!) this month. There certainly seems to be a shift in the air towards life opening up again, now that restrictions have lifted, not to mention all those cancelled events finally taking place from past lockdowns. All that combined with the sun starting to shine and it looks like we are set for a great summer here at Q Print!  

With people out and about and events being planned once more, it’s a great time to take your marketing out into the great wide world, with external signage to catch the eye of passers-by. If you have an event in the summer, now is also an ideal time to plan your promotional items needed for the event including bags, pens and trolley coins. In this month’s blog we will be sharing the top five print marketing collateral items you need for outdoor events this summer…and a reminder to get your Jubilee orders in! 

1. External Signage

Need to shout about your event? External signage allows you to do exactly that (in a socially acceptable way!). Eye-catching and often interchangeable you can advertise the event right up to the big day with our pavement swings boards, A-frames, flags, banners and so much more.  On the day itself, our interchangeable signage solutions mean you can cost-effectively update your signage . . . .and even use it for future events – double win!

2. Posters

Whilst on the smaller side compared to other signage, posters are handy piece of printing to have around. Cafes, local community centres and businesses, posters can be easily put up across your local area either by yourself or supportive attendees. Colourful and full of helpful information, posters should never be underestimated when it comes to advertising an event. 

3. Branded Merchandise

Everyone loves a freebie so for any event, branded merchandise is a no brainer for getting your brand out to a wider audience. The key for branded merchandise? Choose something that is useful and used in every day life. Tote bags, pens, trolley coins, phone accessories – stick a logo on it and give them away at your event . . . we can guarantee they will be used by your attendees for years to come! Looks like it will be sunny on the day? Order some branded hand-held fans and sunglasses to keep your attendees feeling cool and looking cool throughout the day!

4. Branded Clothing

A walking advertisement for your business, branded clothing provides a consistent and professional look at any event. Embroidered with your logo and wording of your choosing, your team will stand out from your guests and allow you to differentiate between different roles within your team. If they will be working mostly outside, you may need to consider uniform with short sleeve tops to keep your team cool. With a variety of different brands available, we can help you find the uniforms to suit your style and budget.  

5. Branded Print Items

Whether you are running a one-off event, run a restaurant or café which hold events across the summer, print materials like coasters, leaflets, menus and placemats should ideally be ordered ahead of time to avoid any last-minute rush. The best thing to do is take a stock check before the summer and if you are running low, place the order before the season gets away from you! 


We hope that has helped you start to pull together a list for everything you need this summer to make your event a success. If you are running a Jubilee event, there’s still time to get your orders in for posters and signage but please don’t leave it too late to avoid disappointment. Of course, if you need support pulling together all the print collateral you need for an event, just get in touch with one of our team.

Raina Joyce

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