Start planning print requirements for 2021

Happy New Year! . . . . Are we too early?

We often hear people say, ‘live for today’ and ‘embrace the moment’, as liberating as that may be, in the world of print we always have to be one step ahead.  Planning print requirements early can certainly help you make the most of your activity, we understand that print collateral being produced in the moment is too late.  You need to showcase your offers and events to your customers before they know they need what you offer, that way you can be sure they won’t miss the moment.

With less than a month until Christmas it’s time to really show off what you are offering.  We have fantastic turn-around times and can dispatch a host of products including stationery, banners and posters, in just a couple of days, but save yourself the last-minute stress by getting your Christmas messages out now.

If you’re already set for Christmas, excellent. How about being super-efficient and start your 2021 print planning, get organised by ordering the marketing collateral you will need for the year ahead.

If you are a pub or restaurant you may need to get offers or promotions organised to entice your customers to book for January or February.  Nobody likes a new year lull.   Table talkers, beer mats and paper placemats are a fantastic way of promoting your offers and events.  Having these displayed on your tables over the festive season, enables you to capitalise on this busy period.

Perhaps you are in the fitness and leisure industry?  We all know there are usually some extra pounds to be lost in January from over indulging in December, so why not promote your January membership offer now?   A strategically placed banner in your reception area, highlighting your new year offer is a great way of getting people back working out before they become couch potatoes!  With a tension banner the graphics can be easily updated as your promotions change.

Plenty of people take a stroll through town over the festive season, looking in Estate Agent windows, seeing what’s on the market.  They maybe your next client, once the festive season is over they may be looking to put their property on the market.  Will they know your unbeatable estate agent fees for this coming year?  Start planning print requirements to get your promotional leaflets out in advance to be ahead of the game . . . and your competitors.

No matter what your industry, it’s important to plan ahead and start planning print collateral requirements before you run out.  Give yourself time to create engaging creative that resonates with your audience, supported by a design that will showcase your business.  Last minute planning could result in your hard work going to waste, by missing the sparkle it needs to make you memorable and appealing to your ideal client.

And it’s not just promotions you need to think about.  Kitchen cupboards may be bare after feeding the family their favourite festive treats, but make sure you don’t go back to an empty (office) stock cupboard after the Christmas break.  Did Dave from accounts use the last letterhead in his rush to get the end of year invoices out?  Have you got enough business cards to take to that important meeting with your new client?  Are they eye-catching enough to make that impact and ensure they remember you after you have left?  Or maybe you want to nail that marketing plan and get your company literature out to potential new clients in a sleek, professional looking presentation folder?

Whether it’s advertising promotions, fulfilling a marketing strategy or replenishing the stock cupboard, we are here to help you to start the new year happy!  Please do get in touch to arrange your no obligation discovery call so we can chat through your brief and help you start your print planning process for the year ahead.

Raina Joyce

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