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Recently, a friend of mine was applying for a new job and we were discussing what she should wear.  We joked about turning up in pyjamas and how it wouldn’t matter as she had the qualifications they wanted.  But knowing this wouldn’t win her the job we turned our minds back to finding the right outfit to give the best first impression.  This got me thinking, how important it is to present your business in the right light.  The way you present your business sets a standard from the get go.  Much like presenting yourself in the right light, you need to make the effort to present your business professionally too.

Presentation Folder ideas

For example, if you were attending a new job interview you wouldn’t rock up in old tatty clothes, that favourite hoodie with the tea stains down the front that you love lounging around in, probably accompanied by the baggy pyjama bottoms for that extreme comfort factor (yeah, you know the ones).  Even if you were going for a job that didn’t necessarily require you to be suited and booted for the daily work task, for the interview, you would still want to look smart to portray yourself to the best of your ability.

Making the effort to look smart shows that you are professional, have morals and self respect.  It also shows that you respect the position you are applying for and the company itself.  You have put the time and effort in to make sure you look ’just so’.  It shows the company that you are serious about the position you have applied for and how important winning the job is to you.  All this information is being relayed to the interviewer without you having to say a word.  Just by looking smart.

We can easily compare this scenario to your business presenting a proposal to a new client.  Presenting your proposal in a professional branded presentation folder, dresses your paperwork so it also looks ‘just so’.  It shows that you are serious about winning the work and that you respect the opportunity to do so.  It keeps your proposal neat, tidy and stops it getting lost amongst other paper work and competitors proposals.   There are many ways of presenting your business well but probably one of the easiest and most cost effective is with presentation folders.   Branded presentation folders have so many uses and are an essential tool for any business.  

There are a variety of different formats and finishes you can choose from.

Why do you need presentation folders?

Here a just a few reasons why we think presentation folders are a must have to help create the right impression for your business:

  • They look professional
  • Help to keeps documents organised
  • Protects the contents
  • Creates impact to the person receiving them
  • Advertises your business
  • Available in various shapes & sizes
  • Cost effective

We can work with multiple finishing options for your presentation folder, finding the right look that compliments your brand perfectly. You could go to town by even adding some foil or embossed embellishments to really stand out from the crowd. To discuss your next print brief, please get in touch to arrange a no obligation call.

Raina Joyce

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