Branded Clothing – A walking advertisement

We’ve been really busy this past month supplying branded clothing to many of our clients.  With pubs, restaurants and salons re-opening, businesses have been creating a professional and stylish image for their staff.  But presenting a smart front-of-house isn’t the only reason behind the importance of branded clothing. In our latest blog we explore further, why branded clothing can really help boost your business.

So, why is branded clothing so important for a business?

A swanky branded uniform not only oozes style, but for the staff it creates a sense of unity and enhances the connection of being part of the ‘team’.  It also ensures that your staff are smartly dressed for work everyday, portraying your business in the right light, making it essential wear no matter what industry you are in.

A uniform also allows your customers to easily recognise who is a member of staff that can assist them, saving the embarrassing situation of giving their order to a casual passerby on the way to the toilet (trust me, this happens). My husband once gave his drinks order at hotel to a very nice man wearing a white short sleeved shirt . . . turns out the gentlemen was a pilot stopping off in between flights . . and on the way to the loo! Slightly awkward for all concerned.

Branded clothing is also an essential part of your promotional merchandise arsenal.  Used as a promotional giveaway, it can instantly make every recipient a walking advertisement for your brand, making the price per impression a cost effective marketing tool.

But branding apparel doesn’t just mean t-shirts and jumpers, the various branding methods can also be applied to caps, bags, trousers and industrial clothing such as coats, overalls and hi-vis garments. With various decorating methods even small orders can be full-filled at competitive rates.

We thought we’d share some of the most effective branding options with you below.

Embroidering branded clothing

Embroidery stitches straight onto the garment using different colours of thread, is the most popular branding method, as it gives a hardwearing finish and a premium look. Although there are some limits it’s a great way to get a high-quality result however many garments you need.

Embroidered designs are long-lasting, hardwearing and colourful. The threads have a slight sheen and the stitched texture adds a premium feel to your branding. Embroidery is cost effective for large or small orders and can be used on a wide range of clothes and fabrics.

Branded clothing - team polo shirts
Branded team polo shirts

Screen printing bags and garments

To screen print bags and garments, UV light is used to etch the design into special coated mesh screens. The ink is swept across the screen by a squeegee and prints the design onto the fabric. One colour is printed at a time, with a separate screens used for each colour required.

Screen printing has many advantages. It’s cost effective and gives you a great finish, with rich, vibrant colours that perfectly match your brand colours or artwork. The ink is durable too, meaning it stays brighter for longer.  This printing method is ideal for artwork that features blocks of solid colour or large print areas.

Branded promotional items
Branded promotional items

Transfer print

Transfer printing is a cost-effective method that’s great for even the smallest print runs. It can also be used for orders with individual designs, names, artwork that features lots of intricate detail or small text. It is ideal for large print runs instead of using direct to garment print.

Direct to garment print

DTG (Direct to Garment) printing requires no screens and has no lengthy preparation, it is easy and speedy. It’s also great if your artwork is very detailed, or features shading and gradients. Even photo realistic artwork can be reproduced beautifully.  DTG printing injects water-based ink straight into the fibres. The finished texture feels just the same as the unprinted areas of the item; it can also be used for detailed artwork on smaller orders.

Sustainable options

Environmental sustainability is an important factor for our suppliers and they continually asses, review and aim to improve their working methods, machinery and supplies to operate responsibly and sustainably.  There are many responsible processes enforced to minimise the potential impact print has on the environment including installing solar panel systems to power machinery, increasing use of vegetable inks, using water based solutions instead of chemical options, recycling waste ink and of course operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.

As well as looking after the planet many of our suppliers ‘give back’ to their local communities and providing vital support to countries globally. But you can do your bit too! By exploring our organic clothing options, choosing products made from recycled and sustainable materials and thinking of how you can use items that are reusable rather than disposable, you can also help reduce the carbon footprint. And you’ll be pleased to know that all our suppliers use FSC certified papers ensuring the trees used are obtained from well managed forests.

To discover how branding clothing can work for your business get in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange a no obligation discovery call.

Raina Joyce

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