8 tips to encourage small business growth

In the world of business, proactivity goes a long way. Since I launched my business all those years ago, it feels like I haven’t stopped, but that proactivity and determination has brought me to where I am today. However, the hard work doesn’t stop there. As many business owners will know it’s all too easy for business growth to plateau, so consistency is key to keeping the trajectory heading in the right direction. 

Whilst there’s no one-size-fits-all business growth strategy, there are some key actions every business owner can take to grow and nurture their business. With this in mind, we wanted to share 8 ideas to get you started: 

1. Harness the power of business printing

Now we may be biased but there was no way our top 8 tips was not including the power of print. Networking events, direct mail campaigns, exhibitions – investing in consistent, high-quality printing is a must for boosting brand awareness. Plus, with a range of exciting new print technologies available including raised metallic foil business cards, flexi style stickers and lay flat books there’s plenty of print options to impress your target audience.  

Of course, branded merchandise should also get a shoutout here! As walking advertisements for your business, practical promotional items are a no brainer for spreading your brand far and wide. Looking for something handy and sustainable? Become a part of your audience’s daily routine with branded wooden wireless chargers! 

2. Attend Networking events

As a small business owner, it’s all about who you know! I regularly attend networking events in my local area where I connect with other business owners, gain referrals and grow a black book of useful contacts. So much more than just a sales pitch, networking means nurturing genuine relationships with other businesses and working out how we can mutually support each other. Consistently attend the same networking meetings and before you know it referrals and recommendations will be coming your way!

3. Streamline your marketing efforts

In this digital world having a presence online and on social media is vital for success. Investing in a professional website, SEO and email marketing keeps your business visible and boosts credibility. On social media, finding the channel your audience hangs out on, creating content plans and engaging with your followers are all good places to start. Each month you should aim to create a fresh batch of engaging content to help your audience feel more connected and invested in your brand.  

4. Give great customer service

Good old fashioned customer service, with a personal touch, should never be underestimated. Not only does it mean loyal customers stick around but they are also more likely to spread the word about the positive experience they’ve had to their contacts. For Q Print great customer service looks like consistent high-quality printing, fast turnarounds and clear communications every step of the way. Of course, once they have had a wonderful experience don’t forget to ask them for the all-important testimonial! 

5. Use time saving tools

Time is of the essence when running a business so using time saving tools is a must for bringing automation and efficiency to your daily tasks. Diary scheduling tools like Calendly, scheduling platforms such as Social Pilot; accounting systems like Xero or Quickbooks and CRM’s like HubSpot or Capsule all help you to streamline your business and will free up time for working on your business, rather than in it.

6. Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

It’s understandable to want to have visibility of every aspect of your business, but your time is best spent where you can make the most impact. Delegating non-revenue generating tasks and focussing on your core competencies is key for growth and saving you time. After all, a task which may take you 8 hours takes an expert 2hrs!  

7. Develop your CSR Strategy

It’s great to see a shift across many industries towards a more sustainable future. It’s something I’m passionate about both as a business owner, printer and consumer. As the latter I make my decision to buy from a business based on their eco-credentials and as the former, we make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and source sustainable print alternatives. However you choose to give back to the community and environment, make sure you share your CSR strategy far and wide to highlight your values and ethics. 

8. Research your competitors

Asking yourself who your competitors are, researching what’s working for them and how you can differentiate from them is invaluable information for growing your business. The answers will help you develop your business strategy and identify areas of your business you can improve. 

In summary

Whilst it can overwhelming to be at the start of your business journey or perhaps facing a slow in growth, implementing these tips to help small business growth is a great way to boost your revenue. Remember to keep your efforts consistent, stay proactive and before you know it your business will be where you want it to be and more! Of course, Q Print is here to help play a role in your business’s growth with print materials and branded merchandise. Simply get in touch to find out more!  

Raina Joyce


  1. Anne on 28 July 2022 at 1:37 pm

    Really helpful reminders and new tips. Thank you Raina!

    • Sophie Comas on 9 August 2022 at 8:38 pm

      Thank you Anne, we are pleased you found the blog useful.

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