Large Format Print Ideas for small business owners

As we start to take stock after the Christmas festivities and the cold reality of January starts to loom, it is a good time of year to turn our attention to how we are going to boost or grow our business this year.  Many businesses are finalising plans for the year ahead, setting the business goals and marketing strategies; one element which can often get overlooked are print requirements.

As the climate continues to be uncertain, if it is your intention to grow your business this year and get heard by your customers, you will definitely be needing certain elements of print to support your ambition.  If you wish to make your business stand out from the competition consider some large format print items such as posters, rollers banners or exhibition displays will be needed, so that your clients can easily find you when you are attending your next events (if the climate permits).  Depending upon your business and the premises that you have, will also guide your brief.

Large Format Print Ideas

1.Roller Banners

Roller banners are a great way to achieve stand out if you are at an event or a temporary location.  They can come in many shapes and sizes to suit all budgets.  When considering the creative, do think about how this media works, as it is different to other forms of marketing. Plan to feature the important information, such as logos or web addresses, at the top of the banner so that people can view the business from a distance.

2. Posters

If you have premises, posters can be a great way to quickly communicate seasonal messages, engage with your teams or support marketing campaigns you have running.  Easy to change, with flexible design, they can come in a variety of formats and finishes to suit your business.  

3. Table-Top Talkers

If you own a restaurant, café or hotel, these are a great, flexible way to tie into your next marketing campaign.  

4. Branded Clothing

Is a really professional way to bring your team together, ensuring they present a professional image of your business, on brand.  With a wide range of clothing options available from polo shirts, gloves, caps to fleeces, these can be a great way to further promote your business in a subtle way.

5. Exhibition Displays

Get organised and start planning for your next event.  Give yourself time to create an exhibition stand that will achieve real impact with stunning design expertly printed on high quality exhibition displays.  From roller banners to pop up displays we can help plan for your event with a full range of easy to put together banners and back drops.  Why not really light it up with LED lights designed specifically to attach to the framework.

It is always good to be organised and important to plan ahead to ensure you have all of your print and branded collateral items available as your business needs them.  There are also some cost savings, through economies of scale or delivery charges which can be gained if you are organised and bring your print and collateral requirements together.  Hoping that events and in person meetings will still continue as planned this year, considering some of the above in preparation will be key.

In House Print Management Programme

If you are planning to have a number of in person events this year or will need a lot of ongoing printed items why not join our In House Print Management Programme and enjoy:

  • An initial 90-minute print planning session.
  • Exclusive rates and priority service.
  • Ongoing priority print management of all projects.
  • Minor creative amends.
  • 30-day payment plan.
  • And much more!

If you think that your organisation would benefit from our In House print management service or wish to speak about your next in person event print requirements, please get in touch to arrange your no obligation discovery call to discuss further.

Raina Joyce

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