2023 Trade Show Trends To Watch Out For


Trade show season is nearly upon us, so it’s time to dust off your name badges and jump into your planning! A great chance to mingle and rub shoulders with peers in your industry, clients and potential leads, trade shows are a key part of many businesses’ marketing toolkit. Done well, they can boost your business profile, generate brand awareness and open the door to partnership opportunities. Plus, with your competitors likely to be in the same room, there’s insight to be gained from keeping your customers close…and your competitors closer. 

Once you’ve decided to book an exhibition stand, it’s time to start researching how you are going to make the most of this marketing opportunity. With 2023 now in full swing, we’re already noticing trends that we think will dominate this year’s season. So, without further ado, here are all the trade show trends you need to know about this year. 

1. Sustainability

Over the last few years, we have seen the climate crisis and sustainability issues rise to the top of almost everyone’s agenda, as it should. From venues promising to be as environmentally friendly as possible to stand holders offering only sustainable and reusable solutions, sustainability should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind when planning an event. 

Thankfully Q Print is on hand with sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives for branded giveaways, clothing and business stationery so you can rest assured that your next trade show is in line with your environmental policy. 

2. Networking

Long gone are the days of virtual events and trade shows, this year, it’s all about face-to-face networking! This means making the most of every in-person networking opportunity that comes your way. 

We’re talking about driving traffic to your stand by promoting 1:1 appointments, offering in-stand branded giveaways, running a competition from your stand or even a raffle! However, if you choose to entice people your way, make sure that once they have found their way to you tap into the power of networking and human connection. 

3. The art is in the follow-up!

Thanks to the wonders of technology, stand holders can now collect invaluable data from leads at the touch of a button. However you choose to collect the data, the key is how you choose to use it after the event. Whilst sending an email may seem obvious, why not take your business to their front door with impactful direct marketing? Complement your branded leaflet or brochure with a personalised note or even a branded chocolate, and you are onto a post-event winner!

4. Interactivity

There’s nothing trade show attendees love more than an interactive stall or a slice of cake. Whether stand visitors add their thoughts onto postcards to be put on a feedback wall or you run a raffle, a stall which offers a fun way to get involved grabs the attention of passers-by. Don’t forget that any interactive activity needs to be supported by marketing materials consistent with your brand and the look of your stand. 


We hope this has given some insight into the trade show world and how you can get ahead. Now is the time to plan for the year ahead, and of course, if you would like some support turning your ideas into reality, please get in touch

Raina Joyce

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