Christmas all wrapped up! Print Ideas this festive season

Christmas is coming . . . . and with only 64 days until the big day at time of writing, now is the perfect time to think about the festive season, with this in mind we wanted to share our print ideas, gift suggestions and wrapping solution ideas with you.  For sure this year has been strange and it is unlikely that we will be celebrating in the same way, but to thank valued clients is as important now more than ever.  

Christmas can certainly feel like it suddenly creeps up on you when you haven’t got your company Christmas cards, calendars or gifts organised.  Even if you think you are ordering in plenty of time, don’t forgot to allow for a bit extra to get cards and gifts packaged up and sent out.

Let Q Print help you take the stress out of Christmas this year, so you can sit back, relax with your feet up and enjoy a hot chocolate (obviously with a touch of cinnamon and marshmallows on the top) with a big smile on your face knowing it’s all done.  You can’t beat that smug feeling of having Christmas wrapped up early! 

We know that budgets maybe tight this year, worry not as we have some fantastic low-cost print ideas below to help give you some inspiration and showcase your brand.  Take bespoke wrapping paper for example, a simple cost-effective method to get your logo out there, it literally has your name all over it!  Even just a simple Christmas card thanking your clients for their support and custom is so important this year. 

We have been doing some research and wanted to share below some great print ideas, gift suggestions and bespoke packaging solutions to help make this Christmas extra special.  We are big kids here at Q Print and love talking about Christmas, so if you are not quite sure what is the best product for you, please give us a call and we’d be delighted  to discuss your needs.  Too snowed under for a chat?  No problem, drop us an email with your requirements and we’ll come back to you with a festive solution.  Here are some ideas:

Christmas cards – Low cost, big visibility.  The obvious way to say thank you and send season’s greetings but also a great way of connecting with current and past clientsl.  Send them out too late and it won’t be long before they get taken down with the Christmas decorations, so get them out nice and early to maximise brand visibility.  We have a full range of sizes, paper stock and finishes to choose from.  Why not add a bit of extra sparkle to your Christmas cards and finish off with a foil embellishment, now available in a selection of colours including: silver, gold, red and green.  Perfect for Christmas.

Wrapping paper – It’s literally got your name all over it!  Add an extra special touch to the gifts you give this holiday season with personalised Christmas wrapping paper. Uniquely designed it is a great way to inject corporate branding to festive gifts no matter what surprise it holds.   Various sizes are available.

Print Ideas - Wrapping Paper

Gift tags – Bespoke gift tags, the perfect accompaniment to matching wrapping paper or use on their own to hang on a gift.  Some options can even be supplied with string ready to tie.  Various sizes are available and you can choose between classic square cut corners, sleek rounded corners or traditional angle cut corners.  With a choice of silk, kraft or uncoated card these add a fabulous finishing touch to any gift.

Print Ideas - Gift Tags

Wine bottle carriers – Tis the season to be jolly after all!  Send the gift of festive cheer with bottle carriers, to provide impressive gifting solutions for clients, staff, friends or family. Not only are they an attractive means of presenting bottled gifts, but an efficient method of transporting them too. Perfect for a corporate thank you gift to customers or reward staff for their hard work, branded wine bottle carriers make an ideal marketing piece.

Print Ideas - Bottle Carrier

Bottle neck tags – These little beauties are a versatile way of branding any bottled gift.  With a great branding area for your seasonal message and logo.  Available on a smooth silk or an uncoated stock they’ll look stunning hanging round any bottle neck.

Print Ideas - Bottle Neck Tag 

Christmas crackers – Pull the other one!  Personalised Christmas crackers are the perfect solution for celebrating the holidays with a bang. Send as a personalised gift to customers or a fun way to say a festive thank you to your staff.  Alternatively, turn your festive cracker designs into unique table settings by filling with bespoke gifts that friends and family will love.  Our personalised Christmas crackers are digitally printed, supplied flat but pre-taped on one edge to allow for easy self-assembly and filing with a small gifts, sweets or chocolates.

Selfie frames – A Christmas party but not as we know it.   Christmas parties will be a bit different this year, even more reason to have a bit of fun in the office.  Snap some seasonal selfies throughout December and share via your social media channels to give your customers something to smile about with a ‘countdown to Christmas’. We even have pre-designed templates for you ready to add your logo to. Simple silliness!

Selfie Frame

Gift boxes – Take the stress out of wrapping presents this year with our Christmas gift boxes.  Whether you’re wrapping presents for loved ones or sharing corporate gifts, Christmas gift boxes are an attractive way of presenting items that warrant an extra special touch.  We can print company logos, photos, patterns and more on our white coated box board allowing you to hold a variety of products securely into place using built-in flaps.

Print Ideas - Gift Boxes

Calendars & Wall planners – If you’re a business looking for year-round promotional opportunities, company-branded calendars are the perfect solution.  With a selection of wall mounted, desktop and wall planners available in various sizes there’s nothing stopping you having your brand on display 365 days of the year.  Personalise each month with photos or inspirational messages and brighten up any wall.

2021 Calendars 

Now is the perfect time to be thinking about your festive marketing requirements, we have lots more print ideas to share in addition to the ones above.  Please do get in touch to arrange your no obligation discovery call so we can chat through your brief.

7 Flyers and Leaflets That Do Things Differently

We all know what a flyer looks like. We’ve all had them thrust upon us while walking through town. We’ve all seen them piled up in tourist information centres, or a local café. We all know flyers so well by now that it’s hard to find one that sparks inspiration anymore.

You’ll be glad to hear though, that we’ve managed to find some for you! Get out of your flyer design rut with these seven flyers and leaflets that do things a little differently…

Example of a gate-fold leaflet

1.  The Big Reveal

Gate fold leaflets have the amazing ability to hide something away in their inner pages, waiting for you to find it. You can really feed on this so that opening the leaflet is like opening the wardrobe doors to Narnia.

This leaflet has spiced things up even more by adding an extra fold to its ‘gates’ and a cut-out window. We love how the cut-out lets you peek at the rich red colour beneath, contrasting with the simple, grey outsides.

2.  The Perfect Cut

Speaking of cut-outs, have you ever thought about bringing a die-cut design to the table? Here, you can see how the overlaying cut-out can integrate with and enhance the design. You could even have some fun using die-cut designs to hide or reveal very specific elements of the design beneath it.

The die-cut design are great for making your flyers distinctive too. This flyer could easily have done its job without the added embellishment but it would look just like any other relaxation and spa themed advert.

Leaflet with a cut design on the fold-over
Leaflet for Crystal Cave Park

3.  Folds upon Folds

For our next design, we’re going back to something based in a more traditional leaflet style. This is basically just an accordion fold leaflet but each ‘page’ reveals some of the page behind it too. The final shape resembles the crystals that Crystal Cave Park is presumably full of!

The designers of this leaflet have been careful enough to make sure the design matches up over the folds too. This keeps the angular and dynamic nature of the leaflet while still giving a cohesive front cover.

4. Fancy Foiling

So, what about flat flyers? What can you do to jazz up something without these extra folds and cuts? The answer, of course, is to make use of some amazing finishing options. Foiling can take the every-day to the extraordinary, perfect for flyers trying to communicate a more sophisticated brand personality.

This flyer advertising The Grand Opening needed to be as grand as the event itself. The detailed foiling does just that – making something stunning out of what would have been a simple line drawing.

Example of a flat with elaborate foil detailing
Example of a flyer using spot UV

5.  A Spot of Spot UV

Another great finishing technique that always goes down well is spot UV. People love to run their fingers over the texture that is created by spot UV. So, if you’re looking to get people to engage with your flyer and remember it better, spot UV is a good shout.

Can you imagine running your finger over the texture that the designer has created on this flyer? It’s certainly distinctive and we’re sure it’ll stay in the mind of all those who received it.

6.  More Space for Your Flyer

Back to folded leaflets but, don’t worry, this one is actually that complicated and you can even get them printed with us. Cross-fold leaflets give you more space to work with while still packing away into a neat, manageable size.

Most people make use of cross-folded leaflets when they have a map that the need to include – you’ll find them at zoos, exotic gardens, theme parks and the like. But that’s not all they’re good for. See how designer, Sarah Ferrari, created a mini lookbook for her client, leaving her plenty of space to show off all the different products.

Example of a cross-fold leaflet from designer Sarah Ferrari
Example of a leaflet with 3D pop-out features

7.  Make it Pop!

Finally, we’ll leave you with something really quite impressive. Take your standard folded leaflet to the next level with some added pop-up features. What a way to catch people’s eye and make your leaflet memorable.

For Boxies, this design works particularly well as they can create pop-up boxes very easily. These additions make the flyer so much more engaging and fun. If your client does anything to do with children, this might be a fun way to capture that childish nature.

To chat to Q Print about flyers and leaflets for your business, call us on 01480 350582 or email