Returning to the workplace post COVID-19

I would not have imagined In March last year that I would now be talking to you about how we can help small businesses returning to the workplace post COVID-19.   But here I am, doing exactly that.

It’s not all doom and gloom, the vaccines are being rolled out and we can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  With this in mind it’s important to get workplaces and public areas ready for staff and customers returning to the workplace. 

As part of our health and safety essential printing service, we offer a range of quality products to help you share critical safety information. These products provide effective and inexpensive ways of communicating important health and hygiene messages directly to staff and the public.

Floor stickers

Our range includes a comprehensive selection of display products including safe distancing floor stickers, hand washing signs, easy to relocate roller banners and strut cards. We also offer leaflet and flyer solutions for all your handout needs.

Our sticker range includes removable wall sticker and durable floor stickers that are printed on adhesive vinyl and laminated with an anti-slip coating.  Ideal to encourage safe distancing in queuing and work areas.  Window stickers are useful too, ideal for showing opening hours; showing entry and exit points around the office or perhaps advising customers in food outlets that you are now offering a take-away service.

Hand washing and social distancing signs can be printed on a multitude of different stock all durable from very lightweight, foamex to correx boards.  These are can easily be placed in food areas, toilets or any hand washing ares throughout your workplace.

COVID testing station

Our sanitising/ temperature testing stations are a great way to have everything to hand for your staff or customers entering and exiting your building.  Highly visible pavement signs are also a must and have interchangeable posters which can be updated with any new guidelines or business news, allowing you to be flexible as the situation changes.

Roller banners are a great way to get your message seen and are easily transferable.  The clear roller banners are  fantastic at dividing office space and facilitating social distancing, you will hardly notice them!  

Social Distance dividers

We offer a wide range of leaflets in all shapes, sizes, weights and finishes, all are cost effective and versatile, to hand out or pin on notice boards, providing clear and effective communication to your teams.  

We also supply a variety of face coverings from branded fabric coverings to the comfortable glasses style face shields.

COVID face covering

We recognise the burden of the extra expense of making workplaces safe, so we are delighted to be able to offer free ready to use artwork templates for a whole host of COVID-19 essential items.  Of course, we can provide a full artwork service too if required.

COVID Stickers

So, as things start to lift again and feel more positive, please get in touch to discuss your brief and requirements to make your workplace a safe environment for your teams to return to.  We look forward to hearing from you!

How print planning can save your budgets.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you shave off the pounds as a result of indulging over the festive season, but we can help you shave off the pounds when it comes to your print planning for the year ahead.  

Budgets are going to be tight this year, but the demands to keep talking about your business don’t disappear.  We’ve been thinking how we can help save our clients’ money on their print collateral and one of the best areas to save money in print is by bulk buying.  This doesn’t always suit everyone’s needs and depending on the product, it is not always the best solution, but below are some ideas to help you to decide if bigger orders could work for your organisation.

Firstly, take time think about what events or projects you have planned over the year ahead and consider do any of these share the same print or product requirements?  You may wish to send your clients a new year’s gift to reconnect with them for example, or if you are taking part in an event later in the year that requires a give-away,  you could combine the orders.  The budget saving comes in, not only because you are buying in bulk, but also on the delivery charges as well.

Print Planning - Travel Cup

Economies of scale can be achieved through purchasing not only promotional items such as notebooks, pens and calendars but also on general business stationery.  You may need to stock up on letterheaded paper for general use, but if you are also planning a mail shot where you would need headed paper, you could order both at the same time.  You could easily pay less than double for four times the amount!  Worth thinking about isn’t it?

Print Planning - Notebooks

Secondly, bulk buying doesn’t suit all products, such as banners and signs, but please do get in touch to discuss your brief, as you could still save on lower delivery costs.  It is also important to consider shelf life.  Does your project have an expiry date on it?  Maybe an offer you have in January won’t be suitable for later in the year, in which case over buying may result in a waste of paper as well as budget.  A simple way to get around this could be by revising the wording slightly, if you tweak a few sentences – could you make some items relevant for multiple events or purposes?  Something to consider.

Print Planning - Signs

Finally, when it comes to signage and advertising consider using a method that has interchangeable graphics.  For example, use a pavement sign that has replaceable posters instead of a printed metal panel.  This way you can easily change the insert and save money by not having to buy the whole unit again. 

So, our top tip for 2021 is take some time print planning for the year and bulk buy printed items where you can or perhaps revise the copy slightly to make items flexible for multiple uses.  Obviously some products don’t carry these savings but it’s worth thinking about what you have lined up for the year ahead. 

Please get in touch to discuss your print planning requirements for 2021, we would be delighted to help you shave off some pounds this year (if only shaving off pounds in other areas was just as easy!).

Start planning print requirements for 2021

Happy New Year! . . . . Are we too early?

We often hear people say, ‘live for today’ and ‘embrace the moment’, as liberating as that may be, in the world of print we always have to be one step ahead.  Planning print requirements early can certainly help you make the most of your activity, we understand that print collateral being produced in the moment is too late.  You need to showcase your offers and events to your customers before they know they need what you offer, that way you can be sure they won’t miss the moment.

With less than a month until Christmas it’s time to really show off what you are offering.  We have fantastic turn-around times and can dispatch a host of products including stationery, banners and posters, in just a couple of days, but save yourself the last-minute stress by getting your Christmas messages out now.

If you’re already set for Christmas, excellent. How about being super-efficient and start your 2021 print planning, get organised by ordering the marketing collateral you will need for the year ahead.

Printed Marketing Folders

If you are a pub or restaurant you may need to get offers or promotions organised to entice your customers to book for January or February.  Nobody likes a new year lull.   Table talkers, beer mats and paper placemats are a fantastic way of promoting your offers and events.  Having these displayed on your tables over the festive season, enables you to capitalise on this busy period.

Print Planning Table Talkers for the festive season

Perhaps you are in the fitness and leisure industry?  We all know there are usually some extra pounds to be lost in January from over indulging in December, so why not promote your January membership offer now?   A strategically placed banner in your reception area, highlighting your new year offer is a great way of getting people back working out before they become couch potatoes!  With a tension banner the graphics can be easily updated as your promotions change.

Planning print for 2021 - Tension Banners

Plenty of people take a stroll through town over the festive season, looking in Estate Agent windows, seeing what’s on the market.  They maybe your next client, once the festive season is over they may be looking to put their property on the market.  Will they know your unbeatable estate agent fees for this coming year?  Start planning print requirements to get your promotional leaflets out in advance to be ahead of the game . . . and your competitors.

Promotional Leaflets

No matter what your industry, it’s important to plan ahead and start planning print collateral requirements before you run out.  Give yourself time to create engaging creative that resonates with your audience, supported by a design that will showcase your business.  Last minute planning could result in your hard work going to waste, by missing the sparkle it needs to make you memorable and appealing to your ideal client.

And it’s not just promotions you need to think about.  Kitchen cupboards may be bare after feeding the family their favourite festive treats, but make sure you don’t go back to an empty (office) stock cupboard after the Christmas break.  Did Dave from accounts use the last letterhead in his rush to get the end of year invoices out?  Have you got enough business cards to take to that important meeting with your new client?  Are they eye-catching enough to make that impact and ensure they remember you after you have left?  Or maybe you want to nail that marketing plan and get your company literature out to potential new clients in a sleek, professional looking presentation folder?

Business Cards

Whether it’s advertising promotions, fulfilling a marketing strategy or replenishing the stock cupboard, we are here to help you to start the new year happy!  Please do get in touch to arrange your no obligation discovery call so we can chat through your brief and help you start your print planning process for the year ahead.

Small business print collateral essentials this autumn

The last few months have been unprecedented.  Further to some down time over the summer, September is a perfect time of year to review how business is going, refocus on where you are heading next and re-confirm your marketing approach for the final quarter of the year.  As part of this work, to consider what print collateral you have and what you may need over the next few months to support any planned marketing activity is a good place to start.  We know from many of our recent client conversations that it is a good time to reprint prospect brochures, refresh business cards, design a new brochure or of course, ensure that you have the right, branded COVID protection in place to keep all of your team safe.

For many of our clients they are also starting to prepare for their next round of exhibitions that we hope will resume early next year.  Exhibitions are a fantastic way of driving brand awareness and connecting with your audience in one hit.  But, after recent months how do you make sure that you stand out at your next exhibition?  Below we share four-tips to help get you started:

1.Stand Out

Often, with hundreds of exhibitors attending an exhibition, you need to make sure you are seen. There are some great cost effective ways of achieving this with different kinds of print collateral from roller banners to flags.  Statement backdrops are also a great tool within a large area to help you showcase your brand, as well as providing you with space to include snippets of information about your company and offering.  Remember though, less is definitely more and your message objective would be to encourage your audience to come and speak to you directly at the show.  Once you engage with your audience, then you have the opportunity to leave them with your business card, brochure and hopefully sign them up to your newsletter.

2. Keep it short and sweet

When displaying information about your company at an exhibition you want your audience to quickly understand what it is that you do.  Less is definitely more, strong imagery, clear branding and a few succinct points will often have great impact and achieve cut through. Your target audience may even pass by without realising that they have read it which will certainly help resonate with them later on.

Exhibition Stand

3. Stop them in their tracks

Having an eye-catching stand with supporting print collateral will make people want to stop and see what you are all about.  It’s important to engage, but also to understand that they will want to move on, so make sure you have some literature for them to take away and read at their leisure.  Do be proactive and follow up after the show to either arrange a discovery call or discuss their requirements further.  How this will work, will vary, depending upon if you are a product or service based business.


4. Out of sight out of mind?

Everyone loves a freebie so be sure to have some giveaways so when you are out of sight, you’re not out of mind.  We can organise all kinds of quirky items and they don’t have to be too expensive, if you can have a budget in mind then we can certainly help to guide you in the right direction.  We find gifts that are tactile and useable items work very well, especially if they can be left on a desk to keep in the forefront of someone’s mind, so that when they need your product or service they think of you.  For example: a magnet or simple trolley coin is surprisingly well received. Branded with your logo you’ll be remembered every time somebody picks up their keys, goes shopping or uses the locker at the gym – you’ll pretty much be with them 24hrs a day.  Now that’s what I call cost effective advertising!

Trolley Coin

We can help you to get all of your marketing and exhibition print collateral needs organised from on-site branding to give-aways and much more.  If you have more than one exhibition planned for next year, why not order for all, saving you money in the long-term as the more you order, the cost per unit reduces.  Make sure you buy enough, I often see that my clients perhaps underestimate the interest that such an event may generate, if you have some give-aways left over, they can always be reused at another event or given out to staff as an internal PR thank you.

So, now is the perfect time to be thinking about your marketing print collateral and exhibition needs as we head into the final quarter of 2020 and into 2021.  Please do get in touch to arrange your no obligation discovery call.